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Search Engine Optimization

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There are numerous methods available to promote a website on the internet. Some of these options include pay-per-click advertising, banner ads, link exchanges, web rings, search engine optimization programs, doorway pages and multiple websites. Many of these are expensive and yield few results while others are cost effective and return a fair value for the expense involved.

Perhaps the least expensive and most effective method is to properly code a website so that it not only has viewer appeal but is search engine friendly. An even better option is to utilize multiple options in combination with each other.

Outdoors Online combines several of these effective marketing tools to target visitor traffic to your website. We do this by creatively developing an appealing doorway page (which we refer to as a "mini-site") which is coded with key search terms for search engine optimization and includes a link to your website. This mini-site functions like a second website on the internet offering people more opportunity to locate your information. We then include this mini-site in the GoPlayOutdoors network of adventure travel and outdoor recreation.

One of the unique benefits of a mini-site is that people do not have to find the GoPlayOutdoors network to find a mini-site. You can see examples of mini-sites by clicking on any of the links in the GoPlayOutdoors network.

Question? You may call toll free from the US or Canada at 1-877-327-7260 or email david@goplayoutdoors.

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